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Welcome to the Enablement Events Chapter. This global community is enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge and exchanging insights about Boomi with others. Take a look at the upcoming virtual events featured below.

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Upcoming events

25 jul 2024

Virtual Event

Boomi Integration 101

Join us for a comprehensive integration session. We'll guide you through each step to ensure a successful integration. Learn how to transform requirements into a functional integration, conduct effective testing, and deploy it correctly. Whether you're a beginner or in need of a refresher, this session is perfect for you!

31 jul 2024

Virtual Event

Integrating Secure Generative AI with Boomi and AWS

This session will discuss Amazon Bedrock, secure generative AI overall, and share some possible example solutions that include both Boomi and AWS components.

8 ago 2024

Virtual Event

Error Handling: Strategies for Any Scale

Join us for "Error Handling: Strategies for Any Scale" with Senior Integration Captain, Brad Detlefsen. Explore robust techniques focused on capture, notification, and retry. Gain insights through practical examples and advanced methodologies. The session concludes with a discussion and Q&A.

22 ago 2024

Virtual Event

Developer: Document Flow

What is a Boomi Document? Exactly how does it flow through the shapes in my process? By the end of this session, you’ll be able to predict your document looping and flow, no crystal ball required! Join Senior Integration Captain, Brad Detlefsen for “Developer: Document Flow” as part of the Enablement Series.

Past events

Virtual Event

Unlocking the Power of Boomi Flow: Customer Successes, Expert Insights, and Future Innovations

Virtual Event

User Community LIVE: Accelerate Your Journey

Virtual Event

Future Focus: Boomi Partner and Community Collaboration

Virtual Event

Connector Roadmap Q&A Session [APJ]



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