Business Process Automation with NetSuite

Jun 20, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Join Julia Mosur on June 20th as she speaks to best-practices for eCommerce process automation using Boomi. You will gain invaluable insights with an overview of the Boomi-NetSuite Integration Playbook, dive into key business processes for eCommerce companies, explore common integration use cases and applications, and discover pre-built recipes. Reserve your spot today!

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About this event

Unlock the secrets to seamless eCommerce process automation with Boomi on June 20th! Dive into an enlightening session where you'll discover:

  • Overview of Boomi-NetSuite Integration Playbook
  • Key business processes for eCommerce companies
  • Most common integration use cases and applications
  • Best practices and pre-built recipes

Mark your calendar and be prepared to revolutionize your eCommerce game!


  • Julia Mosur


    Senior Program Manager